Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Story of the day - MC Nuffy ready for marriage

Popular entertainer to wed long-time girlfriend

Popular Entertainer MC Nuffy will soon be saying goodbye to his single life, as plans are in place for him to wed his long-time girlfriend, of nearly 11 years, Melecia Nembhard later this year.

While no date is set for the wedding day, a big bashment is set for Saturday, May 29, as he will engage his girlfriend at 60 Newland Road, during a birthday celebration for Nembhard and the opening of a brand new sports bar and grill, which will be operated by Nuffy and his wife-to-be. The bar is named Mel & Nuffy Sports Bar.
At the bar opening, performances should come from the likes of Lisa Hyper (who is managed by Nuffy), I-Octane and Renegod.
Nuffy says he is overjoyed about getting married, saying, "I gonna engage to Melecia, my girl, come out people at 60 Newland Road, near the tyre shop, and see Nuffy, in style."
"Melecia is real to me, she keeps me clean, she does all the things a man wants a woman to do. She massage my body; she cook my food; she burst bump inna mi face; yow, she bathe me!" he exclaimed.
nah hesitate

He continued: "Right now, if Melecia has $200,000 in a the bank and I said give me that, she nah hesitate she just give me that. Nuff girl yard me sleep, and after me perform and me drop asleep, dem dig inna me phone and look for the wife, call her number and say her man a sleep, she just hang up her phone and when I reach home she said my woman call her, and me deny it because yu know how man and woman thing stay," he said.
bashment wedding

Nuffy said that the wedding will be the talk of the town, one which can counter the big bashment wedding of Beenie Man and D'Angel a few years ago. "Me a plan big boasy wedding, broad hot wedding, a nuh bed-ridden," he said.
Nuffy a self-proclaimed 'gallis', boast of conquering dozens of girls in his colourful rise to stardom as an emcee and an entertainer. But, Nuffy will put down all of this glamour to be with the girl of his dreams.

Nuffy added that he has been busy managing Lisa Hyper and the union has been fruitful. "We have been booked for numerous shows abroad. We just came back from Trinidad and we are also booked for shows in Guyana and Canada," MC Nuffy said.

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