Friday, April 16, 2010

Kartel and business partners split.

The weekened star has learnt that the owners of the newly opened Blaze Nightclub and Sports Bar have parted ways with popular dancehall deejay and businessman Vybz Kartel, after both parties failed to come to an agreement over sponsorship.
It was reported by this newspaper that both Kartel and his business partners Corey Todd and Wayne Fagan, had joined forces in the operation of the nightclub which is located at Oak Plaza in Marine Park, Portmore, St Catherine.

However, Wayne Fagan, the club's chief operating officer said that both parties have pulled out of their previous engagement and that the club is now under new management.
"They are not apart of it anymore, and the place is now under new management," said Fagan.
sponsorship communications
He also addressed rumours that the decision to part ways with Kartel was influenced by the deejay's negative image. However, Fagan reiterated that it was a mere breakdown in sponsorship communications and that the club will continue its operation.
"Well, it was more on the line of sponsorship. Vybz Rum is their particular product. They have been promoting it and they wanted to use this medium to brand the product some more.
"They were also having problems with the availability of the rum. As you know, it would have only been their rum selling each night. They were also changing their factory outlet and that caused the problems with their raw materials," he said.
Fagan also added that after a couple of meetings, both parties agreed that amid the problems, it was in their best interest that they sever ties.
"Adding to that, they already have a Thursday night thing at The Building (formerly Asylum). And also when they do the demographics, the understanding was that people in Portmore really don't party that much," he said.
Since its launch ceremony approximately four weeks ago, the nightclub has been developing steadily, with major plans by the management team being put in place for improvement.
Meanwhile deejay Vybz Kartel has no intention of quitting the nightclub business in Portmore. He told the weekend star, "We are currently looking into reopening The Cactus (nightclub). We haven't had dialogue with the owners as yet, but its something the boss (Corey Todd) and I have been perusing so to speak. I mean its already an iconic club, a Portmore entertainment landmark and a nostalgic place for 90s club bangers island-wide."

Colin Fagan (left), Member of Parliament, for South East St Catherine stands beside his son, Wayne Fagan, proprietor of Blaze Night Club, during the opening of Blaze Night Club, in Braeton, Portmore, St Catherine on Wednesday, March 24. - Anthony Minott