Saturday, April 3, 2010


Popular reggae artiste Louie Culture was shot by a gunman yesterday in the community of Priestman's River, Portland, while at a tyre shop.
The artiste, whose real name in Lewin Brown, 41, received gun-shot wounds to his left arm.
Another man who was at the scene was also injured in the incident.
Police sources said that shortly after 1:30 p.m yesterday the artiste drove
up to a tyre shop in the area, when a blue Subaru motor car drove up, reversed and drove some distance away.
According to the police, less than two minutes after the Subaru drove off, a man was spotted walking towards the tyre shop with one hand behind his back.
It is reported that Louie Culture, who saw the man, became suspicious and ran towards the Priestman's River bridge but was shot in the left arm when the man opened fire.

escaped in the waiting car

The other man, who is a licensed firearm holder, was shot in the right thigh. He fired back at the gunman but the man reportedly made his escape in the waiting Subaru motor car.
Both injured men were rushed to the Port Antonio hospital. Louie Culture was still undergoing treatment up to press time. The other man was treated and released.

Earlier this week, the artiste was released from custody after spending a week at the Port Antonio lock-up following a shooting incident in the Hartford community in the parish.
The artiste was detained for questioning following a shooting incident on March 20 in which two men were shot outside a bar by a gunman while playing dominoes.
Louie Culture was taken into custody on March 21 and released on March 28.

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  1. him gwaan like sey him a badman too much

  2. louie culture a old time singer