Wednesday, April 14, 2010


 Mi tired fi mi black bredda dem behind di steel,
 Mi tiyad fi see we hungry an' ah suffer fi di meal,
An' mi tiyad fi haffi beg di bigger heads fi sign di deal,
An' mi tiyad fi sweat fi nutten, but mi still a till the field.
- Bounty Killer, 'Me Tired'.

Accomplished Dancehall artiste and head of the musical sect, The Alliance, Bounty Killer, has released one of his most prolific songs in
recent years. The song, Me Tired, offers not only acute social
commentary but also preaches a message of self-reliance on Romeich Records' Bank In A Pocket riddim. Some may even say the single bizarrely heralds some of the predicaments which recently befell the artiste, whose correct name is Rodney Price. In sections of the song he roars: "mi tired fi dem tek whe we choices" - his United States visa was among those revoked by the US Embassy in recent weeks, and "mi tired fi mi black bredda dem behind di steel"- the artiste was taken into custody on assault charges two weeks ago.

Producer of the Bank In A Pocket riddim, Romeich, says, "There are a mixture of songs with different themes on the riddim, and so far everyone has their favourite song. For some, it's the Versatile song, Bank Inna Mi Pocket and for others it's the Killer song or other songs. People will love the Killer because they love to hear him talk about their reality. No matter where you're from, he talks about something that affects you on this track. So far it's been getting a great response and we give thanks for that."
recent assault

In addition, a video medley for the Bank In A Pocket riddim will be shot in a few weeks. "We are hoping by then everything would have worked out with Bounty so he can be a part of the video," concluded Romeich.

Bounty Killer, whose bail had been revoked in the recent assault matter, is again slated to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court today for trial. It is alleged that on March 30 the complainant, a student, told police that the deejay had assaulted her.
It was further revealed that the complainant had reported that she had been involved with the deejay for three years, and when she told him that she wanted to end the relationship and had moved on with her life, he got angry and hit her all over her body. It was also alleged that after his arrest the deejay threatened the complainant.


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