Thursday, April 15, 2010

BOUNTY'S LAWYER CONFIDENT Claims deejay will walk free

Linda Wright, the attorney representing deejay Bounty Killer in the much-publicised assault case now before the court, says she is ready for trial and is confident that the deejay will be vindicated.
The attorney told  that she is ready to proceed to trial on Friday regardless of whether the deejay is granted bail.

She said that she will attempt to question the complainant's credibility during the trial. "We plan to attack her credibility," she said.
When the case was first mentioned in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court last week, Wright had told the court that the investigating officer had seen no marks of violence on the complainant.

She also pointed out that the medical certificate had not given a detailed description of the supposed injuries, but had instead only listed "injuries to the hand and behind the chest".
Yesterday, Wright told  that Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price, was coping with the situation as best as he could.

"The circumstances are unfortunate. The court has remanded him, so he has no choice, he just has to cope with it. But, he is coping. He was quite satisfied with how things went today (yesterday)."
Wright told that she expects the trial to be a quick one and does not think it will last more than a day or two. He is expected to return to court tomorrow.
Despite plea Killer remains behind bars

Bounty Killer

Despite a 27-minute-plea by his lawyer in court yesterday, deejay Bounty Killer will remain behind bars until tomorrow.

The deejay who faces assault charges in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court, had his matter transferred to another court room. This decision was made shortly after Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser reserved bail in the matter.
It was expected that the trial would have began yesterday, but the defence was said to have not received all the relevant documents to begin the case.

domestic matter
The defence lawyer, Linda Wright, then attempted to secure bail for her client. However, RM Fraser said that she was not prepared to grant Price bail because he had a matter of a similar nature before the Gun Court.
Wright, however, highlighted to the RM that both incidents were not of a similar nature since one was a common-law matter and the other a domestic matter.
She made reference to a case in the privy council (Herman vs The State) which illustrated the conditions under which bail should be granted.
The defence lawyer indicated that an accused man may only be denied bail if the court believes that it cannot find a condition stringent enough to ensure that he would reappear in court.

Price's lawyer, then mentioned that her client has a history of always returning to court when he is instructed to do so.
After listening to the defence, the resident magistrate told the court that she would need some time to read over the case which the lawyer cited before a decision could be made with regards to Price's bail.

The 38-year-old entertainer, of a Constant Spring address, was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm. According to the allegations, on March 26, Price and the complainant went to a nightclub and returned to his house.

The allegations indicated that the Price and the complainant had a discussion with regards to them continuing their three-year relationship. It is alleged that the complainant refused to continue the relationship and she was slapped across the face by the accused and held down on the bed.

Wright indicated that the complainant went to the doctor four days after the incident and that the medical report was very vague in its description of the injuries received by the complainant.
Price will return to court on Friday, where his bail application will continue.