Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dancer Mystic now into singing and producing

Not wanting to limit herself, dancer Mystic Davis says she has gone into singing and producing.
She recently did a single called Wine Up featuring Blaqk Sheep and a collaboration with Macka Diamond, which features Mad Michelle and Mumzel, called Too Much Bull. Both songs were done for Loud Disturbance Records.
"I decided to do music because I know it will help take my career to another level. Being just a dancer limits
you," she told .
"I'm not aiming to be an artiste, I am aiming to be a performer. I want to be an overall entertainer. Music is like a sister to dancing."
Davis said that recording the single was her first time in a recording booth alone. She, however, had her first recording experience last year, doing an intro to one of Mr Vegas' songs.
"It was fun and it was new and it was very hard. It was not as easy as dancing. It takes a lot of patience. I even slept in the studio," she said.
The dancer said she arrived at the studio around 3 p.m. the Thursday afternoon and didn't leave until 7 a.m. the following morning. Then, she had to leave home by 9 a.m. for a video shoot that did not end until 6 p.m.
Since doing the song, she said she has been getting good responses from her friends in the entertainment industry. But Davis says she is anxious to hear from the general public when the song is released next week.
On the producing side, she said she was working on her first rhythm with Young Veterans. Already, artistes like French singer Charley B, Darrio and Terro 3000 have voiced. She said there are some other popular artistes that she is also planning to voice on it.
"It's a slow process, but I have the patience for it. I am interested in expanding. I am learning how to be patient on a whole different level," Davis told 
She said going into the realms of singing and producing will only be beneficial to her company, OptiMystic.
Meanwhile, she was part of Drake's For Your Love music video that was shot in Kingston earlier this week. She said she will also be in the music video for another international artiste today.

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