Monday, April 26, 2010

Zumjay to film new video

DANCEHALL act and member of the US army, Zumjay is slated to release a new single, Move It Around, produced by Jason 'Jigzagula' Henriques of Coppershot Records during his visit to Jamaica in May.

According to a release from his publicity team, the video from the artiste, known for hits such as Shake It and Dancing Team, will feature dance choreography by the up and coming dancer/singer, MeliSul, of New York City.

The video will be directed by Jay Will, undoubtedly one of Jamaica's best video directors.
"I am looking forward to returning to Jamaica in May and getting back into the dancehall scene. It's been a rough couple of months in the Middle East and I am looking forward to the break, and working with this great team I have assembled to push my music to the next level," Zumjay said.

"Jay Will is one of the best directors in Jamaica, and Melisul has proven herself as a great choreographer, the video is going to be hot," Zumjay said.

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