Thursday, April 15, 2010


Licky-licky hot gyal
Raga, big up to the so-called hot gal inna Mandeville weh she and one man go a Little Ochie and di man left her fi pay di bill. Me sey Raga, di gal order lobster tail, which is the most expensive meal and when she go a di bar, before she go easy on the drink di gal order HQ When me see weh she a order me ask her, like how you a go out wid him for the first
time, you think you should do .dat? She sey him lucky. Me sey Raga, 'dem eat and after
dem finish de man tell her sey him a go out a him car fi sumthing. After she de de fi a while me tell her sey she must go look if him dead or sumthing, fi de length a time whe me notice sey him did gone. Guess what Raga, when she go look a di empty space she see. Me sey she run back inside and tell me fi go look because probably she blind. Raga de man cut. After him gone the careless gal start bawl cause she couldnt pay the bill. Awa?,

She never hear bout get vex money?After two weeks the man come back.
Raga me ask him wa happen? Him sey de gal too greedy why she a fi
order dem expensive thing de if she know him pocket. But me hear seh a
so dem gal de tan.

Serve har right!! Shi too licky-licky an greedy. Real Gladys! A so some a di neva see come see dem gwaan.

Carnal abuse
Raga, big up yuhself. Raga dis is about de nasty dutty taxi bwoy who sort out "a likkle 10 year old girl. Him run taxi from Spaulding to a neighbouring community. Raga, de likkle girl live wid har granny and she and de taxi driver a good friend. Raga, some time last month de granny a look fi de likkle girl an can't find har. Anyway she see de taxi driver car park up at har gate, an Raga, de car jus a jerk up, jerk up. So de granny no do nothing but go open de car door only to behold har innocent likkle granddaughter a struggle fi do de helicopter. Raga, de likkle gal tek off outa de car wen she see har granny (naked as de day she born). Raga, when de granny see de driver strength she block out. Raga, de taxi man hide out, an him people dem have it a talk seh him gone a foreign. Raga, mi see de likkle nastiness last week, an de idiot

If what you stated is true, then this man needs to be Immediately reported to the police so that he can be held accountable for his vile action against the child. He would be a rapist and a child molester and that makes him a very dangerous man and a serious threat to the safety of more children. Report the incident to the police now! Let them at least investigate the matter.



  1. ragga suss hard

  2. Has anyone else noticed that Ragashanti seems to have stole his entire act from Twin of Twins cds?