Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Conversation

 People, what a gwaan? Mi say aftah mi mek mi talk lass week bout people who love chat too much rubbish, dem tek one piece ah offense. Di whole a wi a watch di drama like Lifetime women's channel. Mi did tink him go have stroke di way him a cuss. Henhewho, enough ah all dem deh. Suss time!

 Beenie An' D'Angel Really Now
People Beenie an' Angel have one new song a profess dem love fi dem one anodda, mi nearly drop. First of
all di way di song sound deaf-earsish di ongle ting missin was a L.A. Lewis chorus. It look like di 7 Star General nevah available so dem jus clobba it to death demself.

D'Angel a sing say Beenie ah har fuss man, so mi waah know wha Killa did be. An, she all a call up Barbee name. Beenie ah sing say ah nuh di food wha mek him naw lef. People a pure stress. Even if ah did juss fi
hype dem shudda mek di song soun' good. No sah, D'Angel and Beenie, deh publicity stunt deh nuh ready yet.
Ah Wha Dis Lawd?

People ah wha tek Lisa Hyper pon har video set? Lawd help mi. People, she a film one new video an' as usual she haffi go di extra mile wid di nakedness an' ting. But it get wussarah. Di leading male who play har man or whatsoever inna di video deh pon one piece ah positioning and kissin' inna di video. Lawd help wi!

Mi nuh know how fi say it sof', so mi juss go say it. We all saw di pictuh dem of Lisa wid one sumn 'near' har mouth, an' yuh really go come inna video deh french kiss? No sah! Mi body! Mi cyaan tek it. Talk di truth now people. Di yute shudda insis' say dem gih him one big shades, one latin wig, white face powdah and one fake nose, cause no way if him haffi go do dat him go show him face inna pictuh and video. No sah.

Killa Need A Reality Show

Mi a wondah if smaddy cyaan smart enuf fi gih Kill him own reality series. Mi say when mi watch On Stage wha day yah, mi laugh till mi nearly urinated maself. No man. Ah nuh only say him feisty, some a di tings dem mek sense too! Lawd, mi nevah know mi wudda survive di way mi a laugh. People, him mek a good point an mi a wondah if a did me one know it, but when him say it mi glad odda people did a pree it too.

Di day Beenie did go sing deh song deh bout 'Gaza him say' a di wuss ting evah fi him career. Him han' ovah di title to Kartel an' not even notice. An' Addi know say ah dat happen, cause mi pree it. Soon aftah Beenie did release deh song deh, Addi do one ad fi him Thursday night party an' call himself di King ah di dancehall. Woiii, mi nearly choke! If I laugh. Oh by di way Rodney, mi hear yuh mention say mi did a mek fun ah yuh church visit, but yuh muss know say nutten nuh wrong wid yuh ah go, is juss di possibility of seein yuh inna action inna one different setting. Mi nuh tink it wudda cum natural to yuh fi stan' up an sing normal, yuh wudda buss out ah Killa Walk an' deh nod deh wha yuh have lock inna Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Lawd. Reality series, smaddy please!

Talk Di Truth Now

People mi want oonu tell mi di truth, Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall tun Comedy Buss or wha? Man all ah cum dress up inna tights an' pure tings. In terms ah talent, dem few an' far between! Have mercy. Lawd bless di one an' two deh year yah wha actually ah stay true to di name ah di competition. Apart from di fact say none a di past winner dem nuh buss all now, oonu tek it a step further a recruit koonumoonu from di start. Sort it out nex' season man!

Some A Dem Lucky Sah

What a way some universally known dancehall artiste muss glad dem have recording deal a foreign, so dat when di video did buss pon youtube ah him a beg di girl some a deh ting deh and fi cum ah him hotel room, di company say ah 'copyright infringement' an' tek it off.

Mi nearly keel ovah when di smaddy send mi di link an' mi go look. Den when mi try watch it again, it gone fi true. So it go when yuh universally known, yuh ting can get hide up inna two day. By di way, him an' him woman naw married? Even if ah inna 'secret', cause oonu muss know mi go find out anyway. Dem deh bout 100 year now. Ah wha so.

Source: Jamaica Star

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  1. di suss sell of brap brap

  2. me did a wonder the same thing if beenie man was first man then bounty was a nobody

  3. the truth is Addi will never be the king of the dancehall so no fool u self him cant even leave airport, yu think a so kingship go? him even mec a mistake an start sing,mi love the ol Kartel when him did black him did mad but from mi see him run from Didi mi say ok hi done.Beenie was just trying to take a side is either Gaza or Gully wat yu think killer a blow it outlike a bitch. him know unity is strength beenie just giv addi a lil strength due to the war.

  4. what you must ask the ppl to come clean who is Richer Beenie or killer, tell killer mi alwayz hear empty barrel makes the most noise. hope him have him Lawyer money put aside an no flosss it off, is that a good investment(Rum) Beenie smart with hoim cash but act like fool when him ready a mi DJ but i think him need to think before him act. ppl rem a nuff mi know but silence is golden.