Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vegas joins the fight against rape by launching website

Deejay Mr Vegas is not only about music. The artiste, known for hits such as I am Blessed, is a Jamaican who wants to make a difference.

The deejay, whose real name is Clifford Smith, has always attempted to dedicate his time to giving assistance to the needy in whatever way possible. Now he is about to do a little bit more.
He is looking to launch a website,, in the near future. The website will be geared at giving men a medium to register their disapproval of rape.
"I have been talking about the subject of rape for the past three years. I was on Sting about four years ago and I spoke about the little kids that have been raped and murdered by predators in Jamaica ... My website, when it is launched, will be about the word 'rape' in general," he told the star.

The website, he said, will be followed by the start of his organisation, Jamaican Men Against Rape.
He said the organisation has not yet been formed but the decision was taken to launch the website in order to create the awareness for the campaign.
"We just have to make sure the people we are using have no criminal records," he said.
He could not give an actual date for the formation of the organisation, but promised that it will be started "as soon as we get all the elements in place and all the channels that victims can reach us."


  1. It is a good the thing he is doing

  2. atleast they are a few good man left