Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ivy Williams, affectionately called 'Miss Ivy', believes that her son, Bounty Killer, is much closer to God than most persons think.

"He has always been a person who loves the Lord and has reasons to do so," she said.
Miss Ivy was speaking to  on Sunday after she attended the Agape Christian Fellowship Church in Portmore with Bounty, born Rodney Price.

She referred to Bounty's unfortunate incident when he was shot when he was 14 years old and stated that his recovery was a miracle. She said that after spending 14 days in hospital the real miracle came. ''After he was released from hospital he was twisted up. It was God who straightened him out so that he could walk again. So you can see why him love God,'' said Miss Ivy, who is a member of the church.

Her views were echoed by members of the church who said it was not the first time that the entertainer's mother had declared that her son loves God.
"The mother is a prayer warrior, so whatever she said about her son is true and I believe that God is going to use him as one of his servants in the near future,'' Evangelist Yvette Blake said.

During Sunday's service, Miss Ivy sat close to her son who later participated in the altar call, clapped and worshipped while the church sang.
Bounty later told that, "A church mi say now yu hear, as God alone can do it. Yes, a straight church mi a say."
The deejay received bail on Friday in relation to an assault charge. He had spent close to two weeks behind.

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  1. bounty and his mother look good at church

  2. his mom is sensible to bring him to church

  3. ah de most sensible thing him do fe him self