Friday, April 9, 2010

Matterhorn's US visa revoked?

Despite rumours that his United States visa has been revoked, deejay/selector Tony Matterhorn says he is still unsure of his status.
"As far as mi know, mi nuh know if it gone," Matterhorn told  the star yesterday via a telephone conversation while in England.

He said he had been hearing the rumour since last week when the US visas of Mavado, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Aidonia and Ricky Trooper were revoked.
Last week, the star obtained a document from the Fraud Prevention Arm of the United States Embassy in Kingston, which stated that: "The Embassy of the United States in Kingston, Jamaica, is in the process of revoking the visas of the following citizens of Jamaica. The people mentioned here currently hold a US visa that we have not yet been able to physically cancel. Do not allow these passengers to board any flights bound for the United States in reliance on this visa."

However, Matterhorn says, "Mi nuh have nutten official (from the US Embassy). Dem nuh contact me. Probably if dem a try contact mi, mi nuh know 'cause mi nuh deh a Jamaica. So, mi nuh know fi a fact. Mi just deh a England and a hear seh it gone."
told via messenger
The selector said many people told him via BlackBerry Messenger yesterday morning that his visa had been revoked.

"A just people a tell mi. Somebody a tell mi seh it come pon news but mi nuh know how truthful the story be. If it gone or it nuh gone, my life still goes on. As far as mi know, it still inna mi passport," Matterhorn told the star.

There were also speculations that Matterhorn was turned back at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday, but Matterhorn said there was no truth to that rumour. He said he had been in England since early yesterday morning. He also said that he will be in the country for another couple of weeks. His next scheduled visit to the US is later this

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