Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blak Ryno to march for peace

Dancehall artiste Ryno D Stinga, formerly Blak Ryno says he plans to be part of the many peace initiatives being put on.

Speaking  yesterday, the artiste said: "Mi ago march. Oneil get shot and mi nuh support that. Cobra get shot and mi nuh support that."
Voicemail member Oneil Edwards was shot multiple times at his home in Duhaney Park, a little over a week ago. While he was in the hospital, vigils were held for him. A few days after the attack on Edwards, fellow dancehall artiste Cobra was shot in Portmore.
Ryno said he was most surprised by what has been occurring, especially among Jamaican artistes.

"We nuh support violence against artistes," he said. "Mi neva see dem tek it to the level weh artistes a get gun shot. Worse, a man like Oneil weh nuh have nutten fi do wid di whole garrison thing. Dem man deh just dance and enjoy demself."
While he is yet to do a song on the issue, Ryno said one has already been done by Kaliba out of his Garrison camp.
-Sadeke Brooks

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