Monday, May 31, 2010

'Drop Chris Brown' - Facebook page against R&B artiste being on Sumfest

A Facebook page has been created to protest Chris Brown's upcoming performance at Reggae Sumfest in the summer, but the promoters of the event are not deterred.
The page, 'Boycott Reggae Sumfest 2010 Unless They Drop Chris Brown!!!', was created last week after it was announced that the R&B singer would be on the show, which takes place in July. Almost 300 people have joined the page since its creation.
"We understand that people make mistakes and CB (Chris Brown) is probably a better person now. But during these turbulent times in Jamaica, the country needs good influences. There may be a time for CB in Jamaica, its just not right now," the creator of the webpage said about Chris Brown, who was sentenced last year to serve five years probation and to spend more than 1,400 hours in "labour-oriented service" for assaulting his former pop star girlfriend, Rihanna.

disturbing to hear
In another blog, the page creator said it was disturbing to hear that "convicted woman beater Chris Brown" has been added to the show's line up. "Sumfest should be embarrassed to have Chris Brown perform on international night; but instead, they are celebrating violence against women by having him on stage," it said.
After confirming the singer for the show, it seems no change will be coming from Chairman of Summerfest Productions, Robert Russell.
"Everybody is free to say what they want to say. Chris Brown has his fans and I am sure he has some detractors, as well," he told  noting that he does not have a Facebook account.
"He has atoned to what he has done, so I think people should give him a chance to prove himself."

But he is not the only one with this view, as other people have made comments on the page defending Chris Brown.
"Who the hell ever started this group must be Dumb, Deaf or Inflatable. Open your ears and listen to the things our local artistes are saying and doing. If you're gonna judge Chris Brown, look at your own island first. Abuse is wrong, but abuse is abuse in any form and there is no question that our local artistes have the most abusive lyrics, without question," one man said.
Another person said, "you people are ridiculous! Boycott a show because of one artiste who already paid the price for his crime? So what about the others? Hypocritical! If you don't wanna attend, don't. No one will miss you!"

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  1. please i feel like crying.just let Chris brown alone.this boy has suffered alot.this is more than one year and people still behave this premitive and haertless.if i were to know the rihana fan who created the website for this childish protest i could have told him he needs mental dirange classes cos this is wicked and sick
    love you Breezy.May God Bless you