Friday, May 28, 2010

Police now want Dudus Busniess Partner Justin O'Gilvie, other

POLICE this morning pleaded with Christopher 'Dudus' Coke's business partner Justin O'Gilvie to turn himself in.

Ogilivie, otherwise called 'Stingy', is a member of the Presidential Click business and one of three alleged Shower Posse members the cops have targeted.
The others are Harry Mcleod, also called 'Harry Dog'; Prince Bucket, also called 'Tugman'; and Paul KirkPatrick, otherwise called 'Teddy Paul'.

Also, four members of the notorious Spanish Town-based Klansman gang — Tesha Miller, Jermaine Morrison also called 'Speedy', Nevardo Hodges and Michael Maragh — have been asked to contact the police.
Michael Pasley also called 'Tony' and Calvin Harris popularly known as 'Collie' from the Rat Bat gang are also wanted.

Source: The Obsever

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