Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mavado tune 9 lives

Artiste: Mavado
Yeah, dem fi know,
Some man a general,
Every ghetto yute
Man a god fadda man a general
Dem fi know man a general
God of peace,
angel of death

every ghetto yute don't fret.
From yuh have life yuh have everyting.
Dem couldn't stop my breath
Dem cyaan tek my life.
Jah love me so cyaan tek my soul.
I'm going back for everything and more
I'm unstoppable.
Verse One:
Each and every day mi pray
Beg Jah seh pon di earth mi wah fi stay.
Mi try fi be a decent man but still,
When they come for me,
All I can see Is getting killed.
Jah bless mi with a voice weh never sound familiar
When yuh rise to the top you know they wanna kill you
Many wanna live my life but my life is realer.
Never copy me
These simple words will kill ya.
Ghetto yute fi have nine life
Nuh fear nuh bwoy
A just so we roll
Nine Life Jah have everything under control.
Verse Two:
Now I got life I don't know about tomorrow
Thank you Jah mi nuh inna sorrow.
In my mind
Make use of mi time shooting like an arrow.
Standing still but my voice is a shadow
Throu di hearts and the minds of anodda
All is fine yah so mi fi shine so mi gun mi feel insecure.
Nuh fear di grim reaper
Cause a Jah a mi Keeper
No weapon that falls against me
Shall prosper,
Yuh mad, Yea
Tek my life (Memba That)
Dem fi know (Gully Gad)
Stephen (Forever)
Yea Big Ship.
The ship a sail.
Righteousness must prevail.
(Yo Stephen come in like we haffi give dem some more song fi da year
Yah) Ohhhh!
Gully Gad (Its Like This).
Yea every gully, every trench.

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