Friday, May 14, 2010

Oneil from voicemail makes improvement

Having been unconscious for days, it seems there have been some improvements in the condition of .
The artiste, who was shot multiple times at his home in Duhaney Park early Monday morning, had been in a coma for days. However, there were some signs of improvement yesterday when he was able to breathe on his own for the first time since the incident.

According to a source close to the victim, Edwards is still in a critical but stable condition. In addition, there has been some reduction in the swelling in the brain. For a short time yesterday, the source said Edwards was taken off the ventilator and allowed to breathe on his own before being put back on the machine later in the day.
Since being in the hospital prayer vigils have been held for Edwards.

On Wednesday, one of the suspects in Oneil's shooting incident was found dead in Chancery Hall Estate, St Andrew, while the other suspect was picked up in Manchester
and taken into police custody in Kingston. - S.B.

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