Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Talk

No, says One Don
1. And suddenly, all political hell broke loose as party activists and insiders were beating a path to the 'One Don's' door to beg him to come out of retirement. When he refused, they turned tail and rushed back to beg the other to stay!
2. Some are saying it was the cancellation of a few more visas, plus the warning by the US State Department, that you know who, plus the number of other elected officials who would be indicted by the Grand Jury, rendering them felons, that caused the about-face!

Late-night calls
3. The story is that the one with the 'Golden Fleece' had been making lots of late-night calls to the big yard, and that was what cemented the job. They further argue that it was not a bad thing, as now the child will be reunited with the father. As for the husband, they say that's another story.
Edge of abyss
4. We were certainly promised bangarang, but not even his fiercest critics expected that he would have been the one to take the nation to the edge of the abyss!
'Sinkle bible' recipe
5. Some say if you think the 'sermon' was bad, you should hear her 'sinkle bible' recipe!
Going quietly
6. His associates say his fear of ending up like his father will see him going quietly, rather than run the risk of being detained in the Jamaican penal system and becoming a victim!
Those who support
7. Sources say there are three categories of people who oppose the extradition: a. those who benefit from the reputed criminal enterprise
b. those who benefit from the political muscle he and his organisation provide, and
c. those who are afraid that his talking to the United States authorities could lead to their own indictment and potential extradition!
Who's amused?
8. With the mistress as the proposed dean for the much-talked-about facility, needless to say, none but her is amused!

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