Monday, May 31, 2010

PET CROCODILES FOUND IN TIVOLI - Reptiles being tested for human remains

Preparations are now being made to test if two crocodiles which were found in Tivoli Gardens were fed humans,  has learnt.
Police sources told THE STAR that the two reptiles were found caged in a section of the community.

Sources say the crocodiles were not fully grown but were at least four feet long. Officials responsible for animals were reportedly contacted and tests of the stomach contents are being planned.
This as Tivoli Gardens is known to have men who administer punishment which they deem appropriate upon those who disobey orders. It is believed that the crocodiles were used in instances where death was the penalty.
"Well there is to be a test on the animals' stomach contents so we will have to wait on those results. But these people have their own justice system so to speak so the possibility exists that the crocodiles were used for this purpose," a high-ranking member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, told THE STAR.
One resident from the community told THE STAR that the reptiles were being held at a section of the community called 'Queensbridge'. Asked if people were ever fed to them as punishment, residents said they have heard tales of such acts, but could not confirm.
"Mi know di crocodile dem deh yah but mi nuh know if dem eat people fi true. Mi hear argument like dat yes but yu cyaa work off a hear say," a resident said.
The security forces are continuing their operations in Tivoli Gardens and surrounding areas.
The operation began last Monday and hundreds of people were detained, all of whom, except 10, have been released. A number of weapons and ammunition have also been seized.
The security forces are in search of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, who is wanted locally to be served with extradition papers while the United States wants him to answer to gunrunning and drug trafficking charges.

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