Friday, May 28, 2010

Second US media house reports on alleged Dudus deal

Another US media house is reporting that Western Kingston strongman Christopher "Dudus" Coke, the subject of a massive manhunt, wants to make a deal with US authorities.

In an article in Friday's publication of the New York Daily News reporters Alison Gendar and Helen Kennedy say Mr. Coke has volunteered to surrender himself to officials.
The New York Daily News article quotes federal sources as saying Mr. Coke began negotiating with authorities after the Tivoli Gardens community was stormed by security forces in search of him.
According to the article the 41-year-old alleged head of the notorious Shower Posse could be in custody by the end of the weekend.

The Jamaican government has so far remained mum on claims made by another US media outlet about deals Mr. Coke is trying to enter into.
Thursday ABC News also reported on a possible deal being brokered for Mr. Coke's surrender.
The news agency says it has information suggesting that US law enforcement officials have put Drug Enforcement Administration Air Wing pilots on alert and planes on standby pending the outcome of ongoing negotiations between the alleged drug lord and the US government.

ABC News reporters claim their information is that the DEA is waiting to see whether Mr. Coke will be brought out of hiding in handcuffs or in a body bag.
The ABC report further alleges that US Marshals, DEA agents and federal prosecutors are working hand in hand with senior Jamaican military and police officials in an effort to secure Mr. Coke's surrender and extradition.
Mr. Coke is wanted on federal drug and firearms charges in the United States.

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