Monday, May 17, 2010

Bumpa, Press Fyah takes their crowning......

From left: Magnum Queen of the Dancehall, Bumpa, host Empress and Magnum King of the Dancehall, Press Fyah, after their crowning at Weekenz, St Andrew, on Saturday night.
Despite being crowd favourites, Reggae Queen and Juggla were outclassed by their competitors Bumpa and Press Fyah, who were crowned Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall on Saturday at Weekenz, Constant Spring Road.
After waiting all night to hear the results, Reggae Queen and Bumpa were eventually brought on to the stage for the big announcement of who would walk away with the big prizes; $1 million, a video and single release and 750 promotional CDs.
  However, as soon as it was disclosed that Bumpa was the winner of the competition, the people started booing.
Immediately after, people around the venue started discussng the reason for Reggae Queen's loss.

"Yuh know seh a because she cuss the bad word weh day ya mek she lose enuh," one man said in reference to Reggae Queen, who had to apologise on the show for breaching the directives of the Broadcasting Commission the previous week. A woman was also in disbelief when she heard the result. "Everybody a seh Queen, Queen Queen, so how Bumpa win?" she questioned.
Nonetheless, Bumpa went on to make her acceptance speech, making sure to address those in disagreement. "The people who are booing, I guess you are not the ones who voted. The majority voted," she said and the boos got even louder than before.

When spoke with Bumpa, she said, "I am really happy right now. I was kinda feeling down earlier 'cause the people were booing. But that don't really faze me, Jamaica voted and the majority won."
loud cheers of approval
However, when Press Fyah was announced as the winner, there were loud cheers of approval, with only a small fraction of the audience left in shock. There were some persons who expressed surprise, as Juggla was the general crowd favourite. After being crowned, Press Fyah went on to thank all his fans, well-wishers and voters from across the island. He also promised to invest some of his winnings in his music career and his child's education.
Although he campaigned heavily, Press Fyah was somewhat surprised that he won.
"I am overjoyed about winning. A whole heap a people seh Press Fyah wouldn't mek it this far. We surprise the whole world seh wi win right now 'cause dem neva know mi woulda do this. Mi really feel good inna miself and mi haffi thank the Most High for this. Mi always try fi keep it positive 'cause we deh inna a time now when everyday people just a dead inna wi country without thought, without reason, even di likkle youth dem," Press Fyah told the star
"We have to tek a stand and do positive music. Despite seh some people waan fi hear the jump up and lewd lyrics, mi continue fi do positive music and mi know seh one day it ago come through because mi see the younger children dem a tek on to it right now. From age two, three, dem a sing a Press Fyah song, so mi feel good inna myself and confident seh mi have a bright future."
campaigned hard

Meanwhile, the judges were also pleased with the winners.
"I think that both of them did commendably well. They worked hard and they campaigned hard. At the end of the day we are judges and we give our constructive criticism. Even though you might have a favourite, it is about who goes out and campaigns more," Miss Kitty told Adding, "I always say this, Jamaica when you love somebody, it does not always translate into votes. The surest way to have your Magnum King or Queen is by voting. So, I think they are both very deserving of it and I am happy to see how they will go on and mature. I just wish them the best after this Magnum phase and that they will find themselves a good place in the dance hall scheme of things."
Professor Nuts was also pleased. "I approve of the winners," he said. "I approve of Bumpa and I approve of Press Fyah. Whatever they win tonight they are very deserving. The last four who competed, anyone of them win would deserve it and I love that. There is nothing more to say than congratulations to those who won."
However, producer Scatta sang a slightly different tune.
"Jamaica has spoken. I've done my job. Jamaican people, dem very funny. Sometimes you think you know what dem thinking and dem surprise you," he told THE STAR.
"But mi think Tanto Blacks is di real star of the competition 'cause him bring back that flavour, that swagger. Him bring back an artiste weh look like an artiste just by stepping out and lighting up the entire room. But respect to all the contestants because it takes a lot to come and do what they do."
Leading up to the crowing, there were also performances by the winners and others who competed in the competition including Gibralta, Posh, Tu Cute, Mysterious, Chozenn, Tanto Blacks and Gallawas.

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