Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jamaican female artistes unite on track

The female artistes have combined forces for a monster collaboration and remix for the song Fresh 2 Death.
Tami Chynn, Tifa, Natalie Storm, Timberlee, Stacious and Keida have all joined forces to remix Fresh 2 Death which was released in March of this year from Nicky B, Chino, Laden, Chedda and Konshens.
Produced by UIM Records, Andrew 'Anju Blax' Myrie told  how the collaboration came about saying, "it was really me and Chedda who siddown and was thinking about the video for the original and the concept came to us about a girl's version of the song. It would be good to get them on a remix. I passed the idea on to my partner Tijean Bennett who also liked the idea."

From the producers of UIM, the idea for the collaboration got passed on to Tifa by Shadow of Darkcide Entertainment. Originally the remix was to involve Stacious, Timberlee, Tami and Tifa but soon Natalie Storm joined the combination and later Keida.
Tifa explained, "we wrote the song the day we were to record it at the studio, its about staying fresh and everybody expressing their own freshness. We're all really cool with each other and are friends so the chemistry was great, all of us feed off each other."
While the males have joined forces on monster collaborations such as the original Fresh 2 Death and songs like Forget Dah World from Leftside, Bugle, Konshens and Blak Diamon, no large number of females have come together on a song like this before.
unity is strength
Duets have been done with females, and there have been rhythms featuring only female artistes, but for Tifa, being on a song like this is a good thing. She said, "unity is strength, and on the all-female rhythms we had a chance to be heard but no female collaborations, and there are so many females on this track, so it's a good look."
According to Myrie, the song will soon be released and while the rhythm is the same as the original, the remix will have minor adjustments.
He said, "the chemistry on the track is really good, they work together well and quickly, easier than even the males. So far we're getting more response from people about the girl version than the male version. DJs in Miami have already began contacting me about it when they heard it was being done."

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