Friday, May 14, 2010

Obeah fire in Awful Gully?

AWFUL GULLY, St James the St James division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade has approached the St James police for forensic assistance to determine the cause of mysterious, sporadic outbreaks of fire, which have, since last Wednesday, been torching houses and furniture belonging to members of a family located here on a parcel of land.

“We have not been able to determine the cause of the fires. We have asked the police to assist with their forensic technology,” a resident said.

According to the man, who identified himself as Mr Doeman, firefighters have been summoned to battle the strange outbreaks of fire reported in 10 of the houses on the plot of family land, the latest which occurred yesterday when a structure was devastated by a blaze of unknown origin.

“The fires seem to be starting on the furniture—the beds, mattresses and other items of furniture,” Doeman told Chat!.
Yesterday, when Chat! visited the scene, a large crowd was seen gathered in the street near the smoldering rubbles. The persons spoke in hushed tones. Upon advancing closer to the rubbles, a strident group of family members—who accused a popular local newspaper of negative coverage of their plight— chased away the news team.

source: the observer

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