Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dudus, Tivoli war preparation has the soldiers under siege

THE JAMAICA Defence Force (JDF) has called out the National Reserve after thugs in west Kingston yesterday underscored their stated intention to defend the 'President' when they opened fire on a team of soldiers attempting to enter Denham Town.

The members of the National Reserve have been asked to report for duty at 1800 hours today (6 p.m.) and be prepared to go into action as tension rises in sections of the Corporate Area.
Since Monday, thugs have blocked most of the entrances and exits to Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town in what they claim is an effort to prevent the security forces from getting to Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, also called 'President'.
Coke is facing possible extradition to the United States.
The likely instability prompted National Security Minister Dwight Nelson to declare on Tuesday that the security forces are alert and equipped to take on any challenges at this time.
"The security forces are adequately resourced to deal with any form of intimidatory tactics being employed by criminals who are seeking to destabilise the country," Nelson said.
But yesterday, members of a JDF team in an armoured vehicle faced the full force of the criminals as they attempted to enter Denham Town from Hannah Street.
After the JDF team used the armoured vehicle to push through a blockade at the entrance to Denham Town, gunmen opened fire at them.
Residents and our photographer scampered for cover as the high-powered weapons barked metres away from the kingston Public Hospital.

When the barrage of gunfire ended, the armoured vehicle was seen being hastily driven out of the community with indications that at least one of its massive tyres had been damaged.
It appeared that no one was injured in the shooting, but up to late yesterday there was no official word from the JDF.
The police said while they could confirm that the JDF team was attacked, they were unaware of any injuries.

In the meantime, the blockades remain across several streets in west Kingston.
The police have reported that some of the barricades in west Kingston have been reinforced by barbed wires attached to high voltage Jamaica Public Service electricity distribution lines.
According to the police, liquid petroleum gas cylinders have been inserted into the barricade.

source: gleaner company

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