Thursday, May 27, 2010

ZJ Liquid

ZJ Liquid (right) and friends hanging out at Smirnoff Twisted Spiritz. - Contributed Wild Fire: Tarrus Riley (Don Corleon) - Speaks of the current situation happening in West Kingston and urging us to keep innocent people out of the cross fire and preserve their lives.
Why Me: Beenie Man (Romiech Records) - Beenie Man speaks of the attack on entertainers and the industry such as that on Oneil from Voicemail; he thinks entertainers' lives are at risk and insists he is going to protect his own.
Summer Break: Bugle, Chevaugn, Razz and Biggy (Notice Production) - Fresh song about summer and partying. Similar vibe to Holiday by Ding Dong and Chevaugn which was a smash last summer.
Wait till you see me Smile: Alicia Keys (J Records) - Positive song of hope, suggesting that despite rough times there is good to look forward to and that there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Especially relevant to the times we are experiencing as a people in Jamaica. DJ Liquid's 'Fresh Pick' from Alicia Key's latest album.

Don't Do It: Natural Blacks (Fagan Fraternity) - speaks of people putting their basket where they can't reach it. Encourages people not to make a fool of themselves by overindulging in drinking alcohol or smoking if they can't manage.
Touch a Button: Vybz Kartel: (Adidjahiem Records) - Testing those who love to talk to act on their threats. The song is defensive yet edgy.
Cardiac Bass - Cro3
Production (Reggae Rhythm)
Major - Don Corleon
(Reggae Rhythm)
Sugar Cane - (Jam 2)
Street Grooves -
Rock And Rave - (Jam 2)
My Girl - Ding Dong/ Sean
We Fed Up - Professor
Over and Over - Keely B
Summer Rave rhythm - Dj Fras
Premium rhythm - Starcut
'TUN UP' apply more pressure or everything is now on a high! 'The vibe in West Kingston TUN UP'
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IKANDI - This and every
Tuesday night at Club Privilege
Connection Royale - May 28 in
Alternative - May 29 in Miami
Chill - May 30 in Miami
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