Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby 'Bling' on the way - Deejay and long-time girlfriend expecting first child

Popular deejay Bling Dawg is singing a happy tune, as he and his long time girlfriend is now expecting their first child.

Rumours had spread online since week that the deejay's girlfriend was spotted sporting a 'baby bump'. When contacted by  yesterday, Bling Dawg, who is in his 30s, confirmed that his girlfriend is now pregnant.

The deejay has been taunted in songs by former friend and deejay Vybz Kartel about not having children. In the song, When Since, Kartel deejayed, "Bling still cyaan get a pickney" and in Seh Weh Yuh Feel Fi Seh, a diss tune done for the Alliance, its managers and everyone associated with it, the artiste yet again insulted Bling Dawg.
In the song Kartel states, "Dawg gwaan pump iron wid pure ... man inna tights uppa Campion. Rememba seh yuh a 36 year old and yuh nuh have no yute ..."

In the interview Bling Dawg disclosed, "Nobody can't rush my life for me. I had to wait for the appropriate time." He explained that he is in a settled relationship with his girlfriend and deeply loves her. He added, "the fact that it is the first yute for both of us makes it even more special."
cherishes family values

According to the deejay, he grew up in a home that cherishes family values and he believes that men should only have kids when they are mature enough emotionally and financially.
"When mi yute born I will be a great daddy. Maybe if I had a child before I was mature, I probably would not be with the mother of the child now," he said.
Bling Dawg said that it is important that a child grows up with both parents. The deejay also said that because he waited, he was able to pursue his career first and now has time to spend with his child.

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