Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Talk

Too many promises
1. The claim on the ground was that some of the faithful were not so faithful anymore and were drifting off the reservation, so there were a lot of late night meetings with a lot of promises made and lots of wheeling and dealing. The end result is that we can all expect the breakfront to further expand!
No love for e-learning
2. The consultants are still reeling, totally flummoxed by the response of the elected official who recently declared: "I am not a fan of e-learning."
Tunnel vision
3. Insiders say no underground tunnel was necessary as the hunted one simply donned an official uniform and left the scene of the battlefield!

Shaking in their boots
4. Story is some of his old cronies have requested official security to prevent him from coming calling. Word is, he feels betrayed!
No time for you!
5. The recent development came as no surprise to some on-lookers as they say the one in the hot seat recently skipped a meeting with advisers to keep a dress-making appointment!
Extortionists feeling the pinch
6. It's not just residents of western Kingston who are lamenting the incursion into their community. Seems like some 'entrepreneurs' are also up in arms over the move, citing as they do the downturn in their business - extortion.
What a thing to say!
7. Quote of the Week: "It is now obvious that principle and integrity can be based on who's instructing who to do what and on behalf of whom."
Wrong way to go
8. Industry insiders are cautioning now is not the time to 'resort' to an advertising blitz, but more so a time to press the flesh, to address the mess we heartily served up for global distribution and consumption!
What's up with that?
9. Some say the 'attack-dog' is whispered not to be Cabinet material, so they are wondering what's with the rabid posture?

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