Monday, June 14, 2010

Beggy-beggy family members

 Di days,weeks and months dem just fly pass so like dem a train wid Usain Bolt! As day light it done, an as di month start it done, but mi know nuff people no mind because dat mean seh di 25th come roun faster!

Di World Cup fever grab mi too especially after Germany's astounding win over Australia! Di Germans beat dem bad, is like dem figet seh anno cricket dem a play and is not the West Indies dem up against!

Nuff people a carry team weh dem no know nutten bout as they are merely waggonists in this tournament. Me a carry di team wid di hottest set a man dem wid the best body. Mi like di players dem wid di balla bow-leg and di side who a gwaan wid tings. Some people a seh di World Cup no start yet cause Brazil no play yet, but which ever way it go mi like di vibes weh di World Cup a bring. It mek nuff a di vaggabon dem stay een and glued to dem TV.

And meanwhile balls a score a South Africa, yuh have some so called mumma a try score points wid dem daughter man by informing. Chu di man 'cashy' and always a provide the latest fridge, stove or hottest cellphone any likkle ting her daughta do she sell her out chu material tings. Di daughta a gi di husband a likkle roun spice bun, not one a di big long Easter bun dem, an di mother call di husband fi lay wait di daughta fi ketch her inna di act.

Daughter a rush een cause she hear seh di husband deh pon di phone and chu she tell him seh she a sleep, a run inna di house fi cover up di lie...mi love how she run inna some Mike Tyson thump and sum Bruce Lee kick! When all a dat ataclapse a gwaan di mother stand up and a watch everyting unfold! What a woman wicked! A same so she coulda set up her pickney fi walk inna her death just because she a try secure her supply of material tings! If a did all me, to how me woulda eight, nine and ten her mi woulda turn an orphan pon spot!
Cheating and infidelity are wrong and should never be the practised options for relieving marital problems but it is certainly not the place of a mother to intervene in that manner.
give advice
Though difficult at times, parents need to understand when to relinquish their parental grip and understand that they can give advice which may or may not be taken. Some will have to learn the hard way, but then again that's all part of life.
Mi no seh man cyaan give mothers or other family members 'gifts' but they should be regulated by the individual. No family member should call and a beg fi tings behind yuh back or be accepting things without your knowledge.
Sometimes the person's spouse will ostensibly buy gifts as a gesture of kindness when dem really a do it fi entrench demself inna di family fi get information! No mother, no sister, no bredda must a beg di man, it better dem beg me, and me will solicit pon their behalf, after all is my man!

I hate beggy-beggy family members. I find it most distasteful and degrading.When yuh deh wid some people is like di whole a dem family you deh wid too. You inherit all problems and all bills. As dem see yuh dem a dead fi hungry like dem no eat from last year-white squall a kill dem! Every time dem see yuh dem either sick bad and need fi go doctor or dem jus a come from doctor and need fi fill a prescription! As yuh go a dem yaad dem stove, fridge or TV naaah work and dem eva a look a mek up and they themself don't have a dime to put towards it.

As a woman, him sister always want a dress, a shoes or yuh jewellry fi borrow and yuh know u naah get back dat! When dem see yuh, dem eva 'feel fi' ice-cream, piece a chicken or burger and if yuh a go supermarket dem eva a beg yuh pick up sumting fi dem and when yuh come back dem gi yuh di money which you never see!

People need fi have some dignity and conscience. Do not abuse someone's kindness or take dem fi a 'come-soak-mi'. People in relationships also need to tell their family members that it is not becoming to beg and if yuh see it a get outta hand put a stop to it.
Family is supposed to be a supportive and cohesive unit, not a set a parasites, leeches or locusts weh jus a look fi dig and grab for themselves.

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