Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jamaicans bars to profit from World Cup

A number of businesses have made preparations to capitalise on the World Cup  fever expected to grip the country for the next month.
The FIFA World Cup, taking place in South Africa, began yesterday and will last until July 11. And, true to form, Jamaican businesses are looking to cash in on the event although Jamaica is not involved in the competition and South Africa is thousands of miles away.

"Yes, the World Cup prices are different from the normal everyday price. People come and watch television coverage so there must be an addition to the original cost," a bar proprietor in Portmore said.
His words proved to be true as persons purchasing drinks were asked to pay between $10 to $30 extra for each beverage. A Guinness moved from $160 to $180 and that set the trend for other beverages normally consumed during a sporting event.

"Bwoy mi nuh matter how much extra mi affi pay. As long as the match dem a play mi affi deh ya fi watch it until mi go home," said one customer, Markland, while watching the South Africa versus Mexico encounter.

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