Monday, June 7, 2010

Beenie man beats up LA Lewis at O’Neil's funeral

IT perhaps wasn’t the sound thrashing that some persons have reported, but one thing seems sure, on Saturday graffiti artiste LA Lewis was the recipient of quite a few slaps from deejay Beenie Man.

According to eyewitnesses, the funeral procession for slain Voicemail member O’Neil Edwards had left Church on the Rock for Meadowrest, where the interrment was scheduled to take place. It is said that a smiling LA Lewis was busy bidding farewell to onlookers when he reportedly ran into the back of Beenie Man’s ultra luxurious Audi Q4 sport utility vehicle.

It is said an enraged Beenie Man jumped out of his vehicle and without hesitation proceeded to beat the life out of the graffiti artiste, much to the amusement of some of the bystanders to whom LA Lewis was waving when the fender-bender occurred.
Clearly, there should be a saying that drama and LA Lewis go hand in hand.
Actually it all started with the dramatic entrance by graffiti artiste LA Lewis. He arrived at the funeral close to the end of the proceedings, and in true LA Lewis fashion, had to make his presence known. Dressed in his trademark full white, including full-length trenchcoat, he proceeded to the altar and gently kissed the solid wooden casket in which the singer’s remains lay. He then did a twirl and Matrix-like movement, before taking his place in the balcony of the church.
Things progressed normally, or as normal as is possible with LA Lewis around, as he signed posters and handed out promotional flyers to loyal ‘fans’


  1. a big idiot thing beenie man a gwaan wid.
    beenie man is a violent person

  2. a long time LA fi get a box him walk a tell lie him lucky man a cool same thing him do Mr. G
    hope him tell the police sey him drive on the side walk and scarp the big man Van and its not Q4 its a Q7 bout $50,000 grand a that get Moses vex moses tell him say him hungry? its not the first a man ran into beenie lex Van and him walk way and even fix the man car same with the benz. but LA? no say him do it fi spite.

  3. the seven star general is not afraid of beenie man