Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ding Dong banned from Trinidad :Deejay, dancer said to be a threat to Trinidadian society

It seems to be a recurring theme: Jamaican artiste barred from entering Caribbean territory. This time the artiste is deejay and dancer Ding Dong, and the Caribbean island is Trinidad.
Ding Dong, who was scheduled to perform at an event in the twin-island republic on Saturday, did not get very far, as on reaching the Piarco International Airport in Port-of-Spain, he was informed that he would not be allowed to enter the country.

It is alleged that the artiste has been placed on a list of Jamaican artistes who have been banned from performing in Trinidad & Tobago. One Chat! source said these artistes, including Ding Dong, have been deemed a threat to Trinidadian society and therefore cannot be allowed into the country.

Last night, Chat! caught up with the artiste, who was still bewildered by the actions of the Trinidadian authorities. “Fi tell you de truth me can’t even explain wha’ go down a Trinidad... mi can’t tell you,” was all Ding Dong could say


  1. This is not an artiste that sings gun lyrics so why the denial of entry? Our Caribbean neighbours are taking it a little too far. When is Babsy Grange going to step in, when are we going to start standing up for our fellow Jamaicans who are losing income. The sad thing is, there are going to be idiots who comment on this saying that this is what the artistes deserve. There is a lot wrong with our music but we can paint everybody with the same brush

  2. I am from Trinidad and I still live there. I can tell anyone that our government do not fully think about the things they do. What was the point in banning Ding Dong? He is one of the few that sing positive or normal songs, not songs bout gully and gaza!!!!!! Ding Dong did NOT deserve that! I really hope the persons responsible for him being ban think about the crap they did!

  3. I am also a Trinidadian and I love Ding Dong. This new government on rell 'it and i personally believe Ding Dong should've have been banned.

    He sings DANCE MUSIC not gun, pussy or weed music.

  4. whoops sorry, i meant to say shouldn't have been banned. my error. sorry...

  5. Ding Dong is a great talent and does positive Music, for instance, "holiday".Is the Trinidadian Gvrnmt sure of who they banned or they confused him some pussy singing Jamaican artist?

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