Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Judges, contestants clash at Tastee audition

Oral Tracey reacting to a contestant saying: "Is beat yuh waan beat off the judge?"

Audrey Reid can't contain herself while a contestant performs.

There was pandemonium inside the judge's tent at the May Pen audition of the 2010 Tastee Talent Trail series on Saturday.
One contestant displayed a 'bad man' attitude when he was told that he would not be receiving a 'Lifeline Card'.

He proceeded to give judge Audrey Reid a verbal lashing, shouting at the top of his voice, so much so that fellow judge Oral Tracey jumped to her defence asking him "Is beat yuh waan beat off the judge?"
At this point he calmed down and reluctantly left the performing tent.
It's a good thing Oral Tracey sports a bald head or he would be pulling hair from his head imploring each contestant to "bring yuh 'A' game, yuh trying fi win a million dollars, yu nuh."
Later, he jokingly called for the police to escort another contestant from the tent after he had committed 'murder' to the oldie song, Sad Movies.

Biggest flop of the day was when one female contestant's voice cracked many times.
Later on, judge Audrey Reid was again on the receiving end of another verbal lashing when a dub poet proved a feisty customer questioning her as to why they were turned down. Hands akimbo, the contestant said: "I thought I did well despite what you say," before leaving the performing area in a huff.
Not to be left out, third judge Amelia 'Milk' Sewell got her 'blessing' when one contestant accused her of "fighting down good artiste."

Thankfully, the skies opened and sent down a heavy shower of rain which cooled things down both inside and outside the judge's tent.
Some 92 contestants made it to final judging while 23 were rejected at the prejudging station.
Those who received 'Lifeline Cards' were singers Yashae Mitchell, the singing group Virgin (Jermaine Jackson, Andre Bent and Ralston Bailey), Sing Jay Nicholas Brown, singers Shannon Townsend and Fabian Allen.

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