Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Talk

People hear Richie Loops song and seh it nuh mek sense. Smaddy (OBVIOUSLY) from him camp tek it to heeeeart an' a respond an say how dem a bash him and a hate pon him, but mi a say di people dem right! Di song nuh have no substance, it jus have a nice likkle flow an' "coincidentally" di hook mek off ah one a Lil Wayne punch line dem. But di song naw say nutten, so mi nuh know wha dem a get upset bout. An if yuh fuss song which tun out fi be a hit nuh bout nutten except one mysterious substance inna yuh cup ha not even Modda Liza dunga St. Thomas bush cyaan guess a wha, why dem wudden call him one-hit wonder? A nuh like him hit wid summen of substance whe yuh can see say him "deep" like dat fi spill out more hits. Oonu spare me wid oonu melodrama an' try buil'. Literally.
What a gwaan people? Deh week yah serious, Dudus get ketch, di World Cup nuh stop shock mi wid some a di luu score dem, wha di man dem a deal wid. Tro! Mi tiyad fi mek bet wid mi husban' an' lose an' fi him bet dem involve some all night activity an mek mi a show up a di people dem wuk look like ole habourshark. Anyway suss time. Link me pon or


Reverend Al Miller - file
Mi like how dem ship out Dudus quick, next ting di man ketch a fire inna jail cell like him puppa. Everybody a say dem cyaan wait fi him reach foreign fi him talk up di tings to di US people dem bout all di corruption an who him used to have business transaction wid. Bwoy it serious. Nuff politician and business smaddy supposed to out ya ah bawl inna ashes an sack cloth everyday ah hope dem name nuh call. Pon a nex' note, Al Miller what a stress yuh get yuhself inna doh. US soon sen' fi yuh fi help dem bring een dem terrorist dem.

People mi hear seh dem a sell one building weh one nightclub deh inna New Kingston. So yuh know how it go. It was a good run, cause at least oonu used to pay oonu light bill an nuh tief light like some people. But mi nuh know afta a while di place did get so boring, so mi not even can say mi go miss it.

Deejay Spice - file
What a way Spice mussi related to Donald Trump, every week she open one new business. Fuss one store, den one salon den one bar. Mi like it. Mi feel like di nex' step a fi yuh do one reality show whe yuh hire and fire people inna real Donald Trump style. Mi wudda like fi see how di business woman function and den a try deal wid di entertainment side a tings , plus di relationship side, den wid di mother side. Yes Jamaica cudda deal wid deh reality series deh and behind di scenes.
Mi tiyad ah dem ole squattaz deh wha live uptown an nuh have dolla to dem name. Dem soon haffi start walk an hide a road inna pink wig from the Dudus Line of Hair Supplies and Cosmetics Company. Every month dem claim dem have company an cyaan pay di one smaddy who wuk fi dem so di smaddy haffi stop. Every month a one new smaddy wid di same title ah send out email fi people support dem business and event and publication. An mi nuh too sure bout dat! Mi sure if mi dig hard enuf mi will find out say fresh air sen' dem one warning letter say dem owe back money! Den yuh see dem a party a floss an cyaan pay dem one worker. Stop tek advantage a hardworking people and walk an beg liquor company tings fi floss wid!
Why Rush? WHY? People a Zip, oonu can please help di public at large?! Why we muss ah suffer like dutty mud so? Mi nuh know if oonu did finally hear wi cry fi mercy but Phat Khat is no longer the 8th problem because oonu get rid ah him. Now oonu please do summen bout di 9th. Him remix dem nuh soun' good, plus him chat too much! Oonu need fi eida get smaddy wid skills fi fill di slot, or, lef di slot silent an' tek a break in transmission listen to di cry ah di people. An' believe mi, wi a

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