Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Talk

Boo season
1 Seems like the town hall meeting was not all it was being made out to be, as reports suggest that the newly appointed one was greeted with boos and such the like by some in attendance who were not prepared for the glowing reviews of the current imbroglio.
What's the deal?
2 Some are saying it's not the police who need to be providing answers, but the owner.
Slow crawl to justice
3 There's much talk about the DPP's office becoming a bottleneck, putting a stranglehold on the prosecution of high-profile suspects, as frustration mounts in legal circles about the pace with which some cases are pursued.

Enquiry needed
4 Word is emerging that not only was the chief suspect given advance notice, he was also assured that there was nothing for him to worry about as the request would be stone-walled. Now there are mounting concerns with some saying nothing short of a commission of enquiry is needed to wade through this one.
Single ladies, stand up!
5 Some say the wife's updated account on the social networking site Facebook now lists her as being single. Not all are convinced that the husband has been brought up to speed on this development.
Just off target
6 While there's much talk that the police have yet to search the right home, there's also talk that they were not too far off the trail, as the hunted one was reportedly spotted off the St Mary coastline.
How does the job get done?
7 Some are asking: "With so many public officials now without visas, does this not affect their ability to function effectively?"
Stick to the frying pan
8 Some party insiders say it was not because they did not want him to go why he still stays on but it was the fear of his possible successor.

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