Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DJ Beenie Man Detained by Cops at Hunts Bay Police station

Beenie Man has been arrested by cops and is now in police custody at the Hunts Bay Police station. He has not yet been charged but we understands that he has been detained in connection with allegations that he got into an altercation with graffiti artiste L.A Lewis over the weekend.

It is said that L.A. Lewis crashed into Beenie Man's Audi truck at Oniel's funeral…the two then got into a heated argument which turns out to be a first round knock-out boxing match.

Couple years ago Beenie Man and L.A. Lewis got into an altercation which lefts Beenie Man with a broken arm after he punches L.A. Lewis in his jaw.


  1. beenie man the jamaican mike tyson

  2. beenie man yuh se say show off bring disgrace