Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The house of Desmond McKenzie's home raided

Cops this morning raided the home of Kingston Mayor, Desmond McKenzie.
A police source said the cops were interested in a sports utility vehicle which was suspected to have been featured in suspicious activity in Tivoli Gardens. However the cops discovered that the vehicle they were interested in was not the one at McKenzie's residence.

"The police went there asked some questions and left," the source said.
McKenzie, who is the councillor for the Tivoli Gardens division, grew up in the community and is a protege of former Member of Parliament fo West Kingston and Prime Minister Edward Seaga.
He now resides in the upscale community of Waterworks in upper St Andrew.

Mr. McKenzie, who is also the Councillor for the Tivoli Gardens Division in Western Kingston, rushed home after receiving calls from family members about the raid.
A very upset Mayor McKenzie told RJR News that the police team abused his family claiming they were searching for guns and gunmen.

“This is telling me that the powers under the State of Emergency are being abused and I think it is being done to deliberately set up people against what is being. I can’t to feel comfortable about the operation.

“I’m going to be speaking back with the Commissioner of Police because he told me one thing and now my family is telling me something totally different. I’m wondering if (this) is a means of telling me to shut my mouth (because of) my comments yesterday as it relates to this so called tunnel in Tivoli (Gardens),” Mayor McKenzie said.

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