Monday, June 21, 2010

LA. Lewis new song for Beenie man

After their physical altercation following the funeral of dancehall artiste Oneil Edwards recently, LA Lewis has released a song hurling insults at Beenie Man.
The song, Rush Mi, surfaced on the Internet late last week. In it LA Lewis sings on the same rhythm as Drake's Find Your Love. It also copies the melody of the R&B song, with Drake's voice being heard at intervals.

In the song, LA Lewis says, "Dem seh dem a Moses but dem a Antichrist/ Dem too Bruce Goldious/ Dem too lie and wicked/ Di ole dog and him fren dem rush mi/ Dem neva know a Father God a protect mi/ See dem all bring dem gun fi shot mi."
The song goes on to explain what LA Lewis claimed happened on the day of the incident.

When  contacted the self-proclaimed seven-star general, he said his decision to do a song about the incident was triggered by threats he received.
"Mi just do the song fi mek people know how the whole story guh. Yuh have some likkle people a call an' a try intimidate mi but mi just a show dem seh mi nuh fraid of intimidation. Him (Beenie Man) either haffi ansa back but it is in the streets right ya now," he said.
He said he also did the song to show that he actually does songs. "Mi nuh get no help fi write da song deh. It was so easy to write,"

source: the star.


  1. LA is just a confuse fan,obsessed with Beenie fame, La srry u will never be a Beenie ok wanna BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB so all this songs doing is a waste of tyme, u think this a Mr. GGGGGGGGGGG
    Beenie fi get a restraining order 1000' from him u little Fag!

  2. la lewis irrevelant like him old cheap shoes

  3. la lewis you and beenie ago clash