Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pastor Al Miller has questions to answer

The man who was found in the company Christopher "Dudus" Coke at the time of his arrest has been asked to turn himself over to the police.
At a press conference Tuesday evening called after the police arrested Mr. Coke, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington announced that Reverend Al Miller was being sought for questioning.

“The information coming to the High Command is that the Reverend Al Miller was in the company of Coke at the time of his arrest. The policemen who were on the ground at the time allowed him to go (free) and I’m investigation why that was done.
“But from our standpoint, we believe that he needs to come in and speak to us because there are some questions that he needs to answer,” Commissioner Ellington said.
Three weeks ago Reverend Miller played a role in Dudus' sister Sandy Coke and his brother Leighton "Livity" Coke surrendering to the police after they were identified as persons of interest.

Dudus feared being held by the local police – Miller
Reverend Miller, who is also the Director of the National Transformation Programme in the Office of the Prime Minister, claimed he was accompanying Mr. Coke to the US Embassy when they were stopped during a spot check.
According to Reverend Miller, the former Tivoli Gardens fugitive did not want to be arrested by local police as he was concerned for his safety.

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