Friday, June 18, 2010

Jamaican Artiste Suss

What a gwaan people? Oonu good? Mi hope so. But pon a nex' note, mi only have three words: Italy, Germany and BRAZIL! Oh! World Cup to di weeerl! Mek we get eena a di suss wicked yah now. Link me pon and Suss time!
People me go start off pon a nice note fi di suss. Di odda day Ce'cile a ask her twitter fan dem bout some coffee skin man who she can put inna her video fi di song name Coffee. Lawd gawd, Ce'cile mi haffi gih yuh mi list. Mi start sweat juss a tink bout it. Woiii!
Alright yuh have Asafa, Germaine Mason, Vegas, Chino, Liquid, Ragashanti, yuh done know yuh haffi put een yuh hot body man Chris Martin. Plus some odda coffee man like I-Octane, D Major, Beenie Man, KipRich, Gyptian, G-Whizz and Ding Dong. Mi wudda say Assassin and couple odda people but dem deh likkle pon di lighter side. By di way mi nuh know if a you tell Chris fi get rid ah deh jherri curl deh cause di juice a blow inna yuh eye, but tank di Lord it gone!
Keida mi feel mi haffi say it from now so dat yuh nuh go luuu when it's too late, den mi haffi go be very harsh inna mi critique if yuh go drop one album. Lawd, how mi fi say dis nicely? Alright. Mi like yuh tone, but afta di first verse, is like, mi feel like mi waah tear out mi hair. It juss too much. Mi nuh know if ah true Leftside a manage yuh or wha, him so caught up wid di voices dat him can't even realize say him ah annoy we wid fi him entire catalogue a voices too.
But please mix it up likkle. Is like one verse ... okay. Two verses plus a chorus inna deh voice deh? Muchless if yuh fi do one entire album wid dat? No sah! Dat wudda be a real anti-piracy strategy. So please mi a beg yuh if yuh can explore yuh range an' creativity likkle bit more. Please, mi a beg yuh. Nuh drown wi wid deh clawing style deh.

Mavado and Julian oonu need fi do summen bout deh Dipset rapper deh name Vado cause yard people ah foreign always a tink a Mavado people a talk when dem advertise him fi club date inna di US. Smaddy link me a ask if Vado can fly out fi go US again, cause dem hear him have show up deh. People, ah nuh di dancehall Mavado. Ah one rapper name Vado. Mi nuh know him ah who.
But all durin' di Tivoli ting mi see him put up Jamaican flag. Mi nuh know wha dat fah, who him an' which mi-great-granny-ah-did-Jamaican-oonu-nevah-know-before-but-mi-ah-tell-oonu-now-fi-ah-hype Bandwaggon him drop offah. Cam'ron an' di Dipset crew also need fi do summen bout di smaddy name Killa. A big luu dat.
People, yuh have one a 'dem' man deh who all if yuh a stranger to him but yuh know him man, him a message yuh inbox and di way how him introduce himself, is dat him a tell yuh inna di greeting say di male entertainer a him lover. Yes people, fi him words dat, not mine. 'Lover'.
Mi say mi did haffi do a double take! If oonu eva watch Carrie or one a dem show deh an' see smaddy neck do one complete turn, ah dat mi do. All when mi siddung an' a read, mi still a faint whe in spirit! My gaawd. Di actor naw go roun' an tell nobody bout him man or man dem, but dis bwoy determined fi get di word out bout dem like ah him dem name Captain Mission. An' dis same likkle streggeh, mi go ask yuh fi stop message and look di likkle schoolaz bwoy dem.
People talk di truth. Oonu see Nadine Sutherland new video
wha she premiere las' Friday? If dat a nuh one secret weapon of mass destruction, mi nuh know wha fi say again. My gaawd. Why?
First of all di song a talk bout cougar, aka woman who deh wid man who younger dan dem, and it nuh sound good. Why artiste stay so man? Nuh record no song wha people nah go walk an' sing! Juss tink nuh?

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