Friday, June 11, 2010

D` Angel Turns Movie Star

Beenie Man, who arguably is having one of the worst years of his life with the tax man and all the baby mama drama, appears to have left a 'lucky charm' with his estranged wife D'Angel who is easily having the best year of her life with every passing day that sees her growing from strength to strength.

The deejay who recently celebrated her birthday in true celebrity style coupled to being awarded a scholarship to pursue a degree in business administration at the Caribbean Institute of Business has once again caught the eye of the media.

Just days ago learnt that the diva got a call from members of the Mediamix production team that she will be featured in an upcoming episode of the new season of Royal Palm Estate, a local television soap opera.

When 876radio caught up with her the elated deejay said she was thankful for the opportunity to be able to fulfill one of her life long dreams of gracing the big screen of theatre and drama, even though she is no stranger to drama.

"Mi glad fi the role, and right now mi ah study for my scene, mi can't tell yuh the details, but trust me it ago mad when yuh see it, we shooting this Thursday", she added

According you to a tip from a member of her camp her character will bear some semblance to her real life, and we can expect some musical performances in the midst.

"Mi can't tell yuh nothing more for now, cause mi nuh want to give it away , but believe it going to be great" - they assured us.

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