Friday, June 25, 2010

No Champions in Action this year Too many uncertainties , producer says

With Christopher 'Dudus' Coke now extradited to the United States and the recent events in west Kingston, it is now apparent that Champions In Action will not be held.

The show, which is held yearly by Coke's Presidential Click, was scheduled for August 15 this year. But when spoke with a source associated with the event, he confirmed that the event had been cancelled for this year.

contributory factors
"It is definitely off, with the state of emergency and the many other contributory factors. There was too much uncertainty around a lot of things."
Although some planning already started for the event, he said no money was lost, as they were only in the initial planning stages.
"The event would be less than two months away, so planning would have had to go into that already. A show like that has to be planned months in advance. Wheels had to be put in motion but obviously with everything we had to put that on pause,"

He said the event was started in the 1980's by Christopher Coke's father Lester 'Jim Brown' Coke. But it went on a hiatus for a few years after Jim Brown's mysterious death in 1992. The event was later restarted by the Presidential Click in 1997.
Hence, the source said he believes the event will be held next year.
"It is a calendar event that has survived many trials. So when things get back on a level, a new team will be formed to take up the positive aspects of the show and hopefully it will be held next year," he said, noting that the proceeds from the event go to the children in west Kingston and surrounding communities.

Meanwhile, he said he hopes west Kingston Jamboree, which is usually held in the second week in December, will still be held. It is a free event that has an artiste-filled line-up and more than 15,000 people in attendance.
"We will definitely be looking to put it on this year. Based on what the people of west Kingston have been through in recent times, it would be wonderful if permission is given and sponsors could come together and put it on. The show must go on.

source:weekend star

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