Thursday, June 10, 2010

Party Like It's Your Birthday- By Richie Loop

D-Major, Busy Signal and Richie Loop have collaborated on a tune that seems set to take Jamaica by storm this summer. Party Like It's Your Birthday was released to radio yesterday on the Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard label and everyone involved believes the song is destined for great things.

"To me, this one is a magic tune, you know. I feel confident in this one," says D-Major, who sings lead vocals on the song that was written and produced by Richard 'Richie Loop' Webb.

While working with Richie Loop is a daily but special experience, D-Major said he was pleased he got the chance to work with Busy Signal.
"He is one of the few local artistes that I really wanted to work with. He is creative, he's different, he dares to be different and I wanted to experience that vibe, so it's like a blessing. He just came around in the days and we were here 'vibing' and see it de, magic," he said.
"I think the song is going to be great," Busy Signal said in response. "It's a party song, people will enjoy themselves. Every day is somebody's birthday, so I came up with the idea and called Richie Loop."

He said the song has international appeal because it's a subject that anyone can relate to. "All over the world, party like it's your birthday, it doesn't even have to be your birthday for you to party," he reasoned. "It's a party song for people to enjoy themselves and uplift themselves."

Richie Loop, whose hit song My Cupp is dominating singles charts locally and abroad, not only wrote and produced the song but lent his vocal skills to the project as well. He was very animated when talking about this latest project.
"It's a crazy vibe," he said about working with D-Major and Busy Signal on the song. "The vibe was good. We were there (at Big Yard) vibing until Major walked in. We went into the studio and we said, 'Major see if you can shot de part ya' because we know he is the smooth sailor and we needed that little thing and Major went in and shot it up."

They sent the finished product to Scikron/Big Yard CEO Robert Livingston who immediately gave it the green light. "It was the icing on the cake," Richie Loop said.

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