Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vbyz Kartel to seek Rev Al MILLER?

DANCEHALL deejay Adidja Palmer, otherwise called Vybz Kartel, is to turn himself into the police today, after a bulletin was issued by the police that he is a major person of interest.
Kartel told Chat! yesterday evening that he had no clue why the police would consider him a person of interest, but he, along with his lawyer Valrie Neita-Robinson will be present at a police station this morning.

“Or maybe I should get Reverend Al Miller to turn me in. Judging from his track record, he is the best person,” Kartel said soberly, adding that the request is “very perturbing”.
“This is nervewracking. They need to just give me a reason for wanting me, along with persons like Bulb Eye … and it’s not as if they have named any other entertainer on that list,” Kartel said.

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